Can I Waterproof My Basement

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 by Donna Kshir

Can I Waterproof My Basement - Image 1Many homeowners ignore even the slightest amount of moisture on the floor and walls of their basements. Ignoring even the slightest amount of water can be a huge mistake-- as it can quickly turn into flooding during heavy rain storms. Water damage isn’t just a seasonal issue, as snow melt can cause just as much damages! Overall, the effects of water damage could be tragic if you plan to store your valuables or family heirlooms in the space. 
So, here are several affordable ways to properly waterproof an existing basement, protect your home, and potentially save money on future repairs.
Install Rain Gutters
To help prevent rain water from accumulating along the foundation of your home, which could quickly make its way into your basement, consider investing and installing rain gutters. 
Installing down spouts and rain gutters is a very important step in keeping rainfall away from your foundation. In doing so, you’ll be taking a step toward achieving a dry basement. Although rain gutters tend to run over and spill out, they are designed to prevent rain from falling directly onto the concrete foundation of your home. They also reduce serious, ongoing water problems. 
When rain accumulates near your foundation, it can create puddles of water that seep through the concrete foundation of your home. When this happens, it can actually cause some costly damage!
Most homeowners overlook sloping the ground around a home’s foundation. Although this may not seem like an easy task, the procedure directs rainwater or groundwater safely and conveniently away from the foundation of your home. In other words, this landscaping can protect your foundation against the effects of water damage.
Caulk Windows and Doors
The best way to weatherproof the windows and doors of your home is by simply purchasing an inexpensive tube of caulking. For best results, complete this process twice a year. If you feel your home could use additional weatherproofing, there are more secure sealants on the market that are designed to better protect your home. 
Perform Routine Maintenance on Outdoor Spigots
Most homes come equipped with outdoor spigots. This makes summer cleanups easy for homeowners that like to entertain family and friends, but don't forget to check the spigot regularly for drips and leaks. With constant use, a spigot can begin to drip or leak. Such activity can create a concrete-eroding puddle.
It is always best to contact an expert plumber, even in the event you discover a slight drip or leak. In the long run, it is far less expensive to have a drip or leak repaired than it is to repair your entire foundation. Moisture in a basement can develop into a big problem over just a short amount of time. 
French Drain
Many homeowners don't want to make the investment, but installing a French drain may not be a bad idea. A French drain will allow rain water or ground water to flow freely away from your home. A French drain is basically a small ditch placed around the foundation of your home, covered in gravel that securely redirects rain water and ground water from your foundation.
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