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Basement Waterproofing Photo Album: Flexispan crack repair system in Dudley, MA

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Our team was called by a homeowner in Dudley, MA who was looking to fix a crack in the wall of their basement. An inspector went out to inspect the problem and decided using Flexispan would be the best solution for this home. Our crew cut the finished walls as necessary to install the Flexispan crack repair system, which was installed from the top to bottom of the crack. Flexispan differs from other crack fillers or sealents in two major ways. First, Flexispan eliminates the use of messy expoxy injections and instead seals the crack with a flexible sealent that will stop water seeping through the crack. The other key factor in our Flexispan system is that it doesn't end with sealent. Our system uses an additional step to make sure that no seepage will make it pass the sealent. A second layer of  beveled foam is used, which would drain any small amount of additional seepage down into your drainage system or into a small drywell created under the basement floor.

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